LiveCanvas plugin Changelog

Updates, new features and bugfixes


11 Nov 2022
  • Dynamic Templating
  • Bugfixes & spring cleaning


30 Aug 2022
  • Supports Color Opacity classes
  • Polylang compatibility: allows translating of template partials (Header & Footer)
  • Options to disable the built-in readymade blocks and sections in the editor
  • get_posts shortcode now can use also slug to identify the elements
  • Bugfix: on latest wp, button switch for lc appeared before post is saved
  • Bugfix: activation on multisite: if it’s not main site, activation button links to unauth page
  • Template partials menu is always shown in backend, also if custom header / footer not enabled, to encourage use of recallable partials
  • Bugfix: CSS Editor was not reacting to font size change
  • Enhancement: main labels eg to launch editor are now translatable
  • Bugfix: On win11, number inputs now appear correctly
  • Bugfix: with Picostrap MDB, color widgets are now properly painted
  • Enhancement: suggest to publish CPTs before using get_post shortcode in side notice
  • Fixed function lc_post_is_using_livecanvas, so editing link appears on frontend and backend to edit LC CPTs
  • All LiveCanvas CPTs now have codemirror and the edit with LC button, and corrrectly keep highlighted the side menu
  • Fixed a bug that could change template on CPTs when editing with LC
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent readymades window to open upon launching the editor


27 Jun 2022
  • PHP8 compatibility fixes for ajax shortcode preview and video embed change
  • Responsive spacing tools
  • Hover preview on custom blocks as in custom sections
  • Various minor enhancements


9 Jun 2022
  • Readymade Pages Library Integration
  • Page Clone Feature
  • Code editor now supports EMMET syntax
  • Added new Media Blocks
  • Added new Wireframing Sections
  • Simplified Client UI opt-in feature
  • SVG icon properties have now background, circle option, shadow and padding settings
  • Iframes: added lazyload setting
  • License activation management
  • Keyboard shortcuts and documentation link in Options Menu
  • Multisite compatibility enhancements
  • Blocks/Sections accordion autoscroll enhancement
  • Various minor fixes


23 Mar 2022
  • Admin UI allows disabling LC on selected Post Types
  • History Bugfix
  • Allows unfiltered XML import so LiveCanvas pages can be seamlessly moved with the XML import/export WP feature
  • License Code Bugfix
  • Search Form Readymade Header fix
  • Added Accordion Custom View for get_posts


1 Mar 2022
  • Code editor: updated Beautify libraries
  • Must Use Compatibility Fix
  • Editing bar responsive fixes
  • Minor editor JS bugfixes (fixes reload on some systems)
  • Negative values on all margins (if using Bootstrap5)


16 Feb 2022
  • New Links Editing window
  • Enhanced compatibility with third party plugins while launching the editor
  • Negative Margin Top Widget (if using Bootstrap5)
  • New Blocks available in WordPress Integration: Simple Contact Form and AJAX / PHP Custom Form
  • New Forms API & Example Forms (documentation here)
  • Minor Fixes and Upgrades


7 Dec 2021
  • New readymade sections
  • Added mp4 video block
  • Faster loading fix
  • Menu shortcode second level fix
  • Adds wp-media-id class to responsive images
  • Updated PUC library
  • Fixes editing on cover components
  • Message to alert user about OB problem ("The page loading seems to fail. This is generally due to peculiar host environments. Please reach support for advice.")
  • Backend Option to disable ob handling
  • Supports BootScore via options override


19 October 2021
  • Bugfix: template for lc_cpts is picked from child theme, parent theme, or built-in template


7 October 2021
  • Responsive images: Width, height and SRCSET on local & unsplash images
  • Code bar resizing fix
  • Bugfix: output buffering conditional fix
  • Better css reset for contextual menus ux
  • Loads readymades locally


28 June 2021
  • Save to Library feature: save custom sections and blocks from the frontend editor's contextual menus
  • Better compatibility with extra plugins that leverage shortcodes
  • Better compatibility with extra plugins that filter the content "violently" via PHP output buffering
  • Gutenberg Blocks are now being actively parsed (requires Picostrap5 1.0.1 - or commenting row in picostrap/includes/cleanup.php to restore loading GT styles)


28 May 2021
  • Compatibility with Bootstrap 5, when used with Picostrap5


5 Feb 2021
  • Minor fixes
  • First steps to achieve compatibility with Bootstrap 5


15 Jan 2021
  • Allow scrolling the preview while having the HTML or CSS editor on screen
  • Updated to Bootstrap Icons 1.3
  • [BUGFIX]: Added in get_posts block: output_featured_image_class="card-img-top"
  • Fixed plugin author tag
  • [BUGFIX]: delete container
  • [BUGFIX]: after editing text in asome boxes, scrolling was getting yanky
  • Learndash compatibility fix


9 Nov 2020
  • WordPress 5.6 compatibility fix (for image upload feature)


24 Nov 2020
  • Better export to HTML: inlines your custom Bootstrap build, and calls AOS for animations if necessary
  • Added to readymade headers: a header with search field
  • New default LC Footer with dynamic pages & posts listing
  • New dynamic pages block in Blocks > Wp Integration
  • New shortcode to pull custom field values in Blocks > Wp Integration
  • BUGFIX: Preview position in readymade sections Browser
  • ENH: Readymades: Header & footer sections are shown only when appropriate, by default
  • BUGFIX: tabber padding on post loop, images and image bg panels


5 Nov 2020

  • Picostrap Theme compatibility fix
  • Fixed WooCommerce + Yoast JS bug while editing single products


14 Oct 2020

New features:

  • New Blocks added: Icons and text, Cards
  • New Mouse and keyboard shortcuts
  • HTML Code Editor: added button to Go to parent element to easily navigate all your code
  • Inline SVG icons: extensive support in all prebuilt HTML
  • Link target field added to Image and SVG icon editing panels so you can assign links to icons and images
  • To broaden compatibility with more BS4-based WordPress themes, a new backend option has been added to Enforce a built-in single template


  • UnSplash image search now allows for image format choice
  • Property groups in properties panel are now an accordion
  • Properties panel: the class field is enlarged on focus
  • Added HTML lazy loading in gallery readymade sections
  • Shortcodes are now parsed in gt_blocks
  • Editor, when launched, adds a class to body of page beinge edited: “livecanvas-is-editing"


  • Better onboarding theme recommendation message
  • Image closing tag in posts loop shortcode
  • In the Preview, some classes like are now "blacklisted" - so that elements stay clickable separately
  • Sometimes saving error(b) was reported even if saving went good
  • After deleting elements, properties panel is closed
  • Adding a row to container, the title row gets lc-block where it should


11 Sept 2020
  • [NEW!] Text Wysiwyg editor can assign Bootstrap classes to text with a shiny new toolbar
  • User Feedback on Wysiwyg editor to show active tags and classes
  • <SPAN> is now allowed inside editable=“rich” fields
  • Pasting text into editable fields now keeps line breaks
  • Added Bootstrap width classes to image editing panel
  • Updated Icons to Bootstrap SVG icons 1.0
  • Adds support for new BS containers (requires BS 4.5, needs updating your UnderStrap copy from here)
  • [BUGFIX] fixed text message about customizing colors in alert
  • [BUGFIX] removed lc-helper attribute on served HTML
  • [BUGFIX] Adding new sections does not substitute .fa icons with inline SVG forcefully
  • [BUGFIX] Live shortcode rendering was not passing the post_id


16 July 2020
  • SVG Inline Icons
  • Updated code beautify CSS & HTML libraries
  • The Shortcode panel now uses textarea instead of input
  • [BUGFIX] Now the Gutenberg related JS of LC is printed only on the post editing screen
  • [BUGFIX] ACF WW backend editors are available upon ticking a box in the plugin options


18 June 2020
  • Yoast SEO fix
  • [BUGFIX] ACF WW frontend editors are now unaffected
  • [BUGFIX] Overlayed text on bg-image elements is clickable again


13 June 2020
  • Custom Header support
  • Added field for iFrame SRC editing of embeds in the LC editor
  • [BUGFIX] after coding new links in the editor, navigating away upon click is prevented
  • Plugin back-end menu voices reorder


22 May 2020
  • Editor: Shortcut added: double clicking hamburgers opens the properties panel for each item
  • [BUGFIX] WP image choice window is now linked to the "upload image" permission
  • New tutorial video in backend
  • Media Object Bootstrap block & Footers added
  • Editor: Images get margins editing
  • [BUGFIX] for using LC on single posts: template was being reset by wp upon post update in wp backend
  • [BUGFIX]: select items wouldn't show their value on the newest Chrome due to a CSS quirk


  • History
  • Remote Update
  • Licensing screen
  • Admin page switch
  • Ten new readymade sections
  • Color picker icon gets bg white and text white
  • Gutenberg blocks in LC pages
  • Checkbox to open links in blank
  • [BUGFIX] Prevent swiping while editing -
  • [ENH] For animations, added speed / duration and intensity
  • New footer handling
  • Copypaste containers fixed


  • New block BG is now semi-trasparent
  • Beatify saved HTML
  • Static export to HTML includes custom CSS too
  • Readymade sections refactoring: categories, light / dark mode, added many items


  • Gutenberg switch fix
  • Added color “none” to color widget
  • Bugfix: "z" char in export
  • Added Post Loop tabs ui & cards output
  • Cleaned logic for template switching when enabling LC
  • Chrome Browser recommendation alerts now only once


  • Wp incompatibility with 5.3 solved
  • Classic Editor Fix
  • Allows SVG upload


  • WP library Image & Bg image selection dialog
  • Add Simple additional CSS via CSS editor - talking to Customizer api -
  • Advanced color palettes, sensing BS dynamic variables
  • Starts to work on Firefox and Safari (Clipboard emergency fix)
  • New plugin page admin panel
  • Moved AOS from extra plugin to LC: now animations are an opt-in to settings page
  • Add dynamic footer switch to settings page
  • Can enable LC on CPTs
  • Can run LC to edit lc-sections or lc-blocks
  • CustomStrap v2.2 compatible
  • [ENH] Logged out sessions redirect to login AND open editor
  • [ENH] More clear saving message
  • [BUGFIX] Rearranging sections closes sidepanel
  • [BUGFIX] New Page function calls a wp-admin url for better stability on peculiar hosts
  • [ENH] Failed saves put content into clipboard as a kindness, and shows a more clear modal
  • [ENH] Added Horiz & Vertical alignment


  • Draggable bar to resize the code editor
  • Code editor gets autocomplete
  • New cobalt default theme
  • Code editor gets translucent only after mouseleave
  • Editor preferences are now saved in browser
  • Code suggestions select
  • IMAGES: IMGIX fx are shown only on UnSplash images
  • BACKGROUNDS: removed inline min-height
  • BG image component is now using native BS class
  • CSS textarea in panel gets a little styling
  • Export as HTML standalone file (without header & footer, page content only)
  • Image LazyLoad attribute support


  • First public release. Per aspera ad astra